I Am Grable

A highly ambitious solo Pop artist, with a mission to break into the music industry. I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I have an intense love of art and music creation. In fact, I started singing and writing my own lyrics by the age of 12 and I am not stopping anytime soon. To me, making music is a nostalgic and emotional experience. I pour my heart into each line, note and lyric. My music is my legacy, and creating music in these isolated times during Covid-19 has enabled me to produce from unique emotional territory. 


  • I am proud to say, after months of struggle and delay, I have finally released my first official single “Traffic” on 9/21/2020,andI couldn’t be more excited for what’s next! 

  • My second single "Not a Home," is available since released 01/29/2021. 

  • I released my third single "Enough" 08/04/2021 and on August 26th The debut album #ithinkimfine has officially finished production! Get ready cause it's about to get a lot more fun!

  • #ITHINKIMFINE officially released everywhere on  09/13/21


What's Next?

Each one of my songs is built on a foundation of authenticity and experience. I have many more to come and I enjoy every chance I get to share my music and time with all of you listening!  

My next goal is to make a smashing new music video and take this production to the next level every time! With each new crew member, I get closer to my next goal. I am so grateful for all of you! and I can't wait for you to hear the new music!     
Thanks to you